• Our Lives in Data

    A look at the big data revolution

  • Could quantum computers change the world?

    A new type of supercomputer is being developed worldwide. They could significantly impact our lives in the near future.

  • How can we recycle blood?

    This low-cost and reusable medical device could be very useful in hospitals without access to blood banks.

  • Can sunlight make medicine?

    Just like plant leaves use sunlight to enable chemical reactions, these bio-inspired artificial leaves use solar energy to make chemicals.

  • Could a spray heal your skin?

    This device uses a liquid solution of the patient’s own stem cells to heal second-degree burns. The procedure is designed to speed up the healing process while reducing the risk of scarring.

  • What health secrets does breath hold?

    This device captures telltale substances in exhaled breath that can alert doctors to the presence of different diseases at an earlier stage.