Here's what our experts have to say....

"Sentinel-3 will allow us to detect dangerous toxins from space."

Clarissa Anderson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

'Harmful algal blooms are plaguing our oceans, especially the coastal zone where people harvest shellfish for human consumption. Sentinel-3a detects these algae by measuring the "colour" of the pigments they produce - similar to those in land plants. It also detects dangerous algal toxins near the coast, where it's important that we monitor ocean health. With these data we can better protect people and wildlife.'


Image: Clarissa Anderson

"Satellite data is essential for understanding extreme weather."

Friederike Otto, Deputy Director, Environmental Change Institute

'Satellite data is very valuable for my research. I look at extreme weather events and the role of El Niño and human-induced climate change in causing them. For example, I look at a specific impact like a flood, as it happens, and use Sentinel-3a and other satellite data to understand where and when the rain fell that caused it.'

Friederike Otto

Image: Friederike Otto

"Satellite data is helping to protect our oceans"

Tony Long, Director, Ending Illegal Fishing Project, The Pew Charitable Trusts

'Satellite technology is changing the way we fight illegal fishing. Authorities have long relied on patrols from ships and aircraft, but our oceans' sheer size makes this unmanageable and unaffordable. Data from many satellites including Sentinel-3a can be combined to help track, and hopefully catch, illegal fishing vessels faster and easier than ever before.'

Tony Long

Image: Tony Long

"Better information on wildfires helps us understand their impact on air pollution and our climate."

Martin Wooster, Professor of Earth Observation, King’s College London

'Forest and landscape fires, like those recently in Indonesia, can greatly affect Earth's atmosphere. The Indonesian fires were made worse by El Niño, which reduced rainfall and made areas of already degraded forest and peatland even more flammable. Sentinel-3a carries a cutting-edge instrument which allows us to more accurately calculate the fires' impact on air pollution and atmospheric greenhouse gases.'

Martin Wooster

Image: Martin Wooster

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