What do people think about the AstroRad? Here's what our experts have to say...

"Radiation protection like the AstroRad is vital for deep space exploration."

Christopher Porada, biomedical engineer and cancer researcher, Wake Forest University

'During a mission to Mars, astronauts will leave the protective cocoon of the Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field to be exposed to radiation that doesn't exist on Earth. My research has shown that space radiation can cause leukaemia by damaging DNA. Radiation protection like the AstroRad will be vital for people to go into deep space safely.'

Christopher Porada cropped

Image: Christopher Porada

"There are several ways of protecting astronauts from radiation exposure. "

Bas Lansdorp, CEO, Mars One

'Radiation protection is an important consideration of long-term space exploration. As part of our mission to build a permanent settlement on Mars, we are expecting there will be a radiation shelter for astronauts to stay in during their journey there. While we'd definitely consider the use of vests, they may not reduce the overall risk of the mission enough to justify bringing them. '

Bas Lansdorp

Image: Brenda de Vries

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