What do people think about the harpoon? Here's what our experts have to say…

"Only time will show if this is actually effective."

Peter Weissberg, British Heart Foundation

'This approach looks promising, but the key issue will be whether it produces long-term results as good as conventional heart surgery. It will be a few years before we know whether this is a major breakthrough.'

Peter Weissberg

Image: Peter Weissberg

"This technique was preferable over open heart surgery."

Jennie Keefe, first patient in the UK to undergo this new procedure

'Surgery was needed to repair my damaged heart valve. I opted to be part of the trial as the procedure avoided open heart surgery and the recovery time was shorter. The procedure was totally successful and it has given me a more positive outlook.'

Jennie 144 (005)

Image: Jennie Keefe

"The future of heart surgery is devices that enter the body through the groin."

Gerhard Diller, Consultant Cardiologist.

'This procedure is an improvement compared to conventional heart surgery but still requires some surgery and an incision in the chest. The future of heart repair will likely require no surgery and use catheters placed into the groin to reach the heart. Such devices are already used in some procedures.'

Gerhard Diller

Image: Gerhard Diller

"One day, open heart surgery may be a thing of the past."

Selina Hurley, Science Museum

'The Harpoon TSD-5 is the latest in a trend for minimally invasive surgery. Since the 1980s surgeons have been attempting to maximise the benefit to patients while minimally impacting their bodies. One day even open heart surgery may become a thing of the past as technologies and surgeons develop new techniques to intervene in the human body.'


Image: Selina Hurley

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