March 16, 2015 | Rohan

The average driving speed in central London is under 10 mph. So I'm surprised a British-built car will top 1000 mph next year! Bloodhound will accomplish this exciting feat riding on precision-engineered aluminium wheels weighing 91 kg, ten times heavier than ordinary car wheels.

The wheels will experience 50,000 times the pull of gravity as they spin beyond 170 revolutions per second, many times faster than wheels on an F1 car. At such high speed imperfections could be catastrophic, so the wheels are manufactured and tested by talented metallurgists. I can't wait to see the test later this year...


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Bloodhound SSC

Other UK-built hi-tech firsts on Bloodhound include a jet engine, a rocket, state-of-the-art software and 3D-printed components.


Image: Stefan Marjoram/Siemens/Flock

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Curtis Jones

March 20, 2015 at 12:32

As I am still a student at a technology College, I don't know how to feel on the subject of supersonic cars. But I do think that the technology is very interesting and I know most of the components of the car, but what are the British team using for the fuel and engine. Personally I would try to engineer some kind of hydrogen fuel based engine, which would not just make it incredibly light I would also be a very clean source of energy. But the only problem I have found is how uncontrollable it would be, as it would be extremely flammable and would need to be in a compression chamber with a cooling system.

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