November 4, 2014 | Corrinne

A robotic penguin chick has become a science hero! It's the creation of French scientist Yvon Le Maho, who wanted to monitor penguin colonies without causing the birds any distress. He knew the presence of humans makes penguins nervous.

So he took a tiny remote-controlled car, fitted it with sensors, and stuck a fake penguin chick on top. When he sent this furry robo-spy into a penguin colony, the birds accepted it as one of their own with no stress. I think we need more furry robots... for science, of course.


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Emperor penguins accepted the fake chick into their community.


Image: Yvon Le Maho

1 comments on 'Robo-penguin to the rescue'

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Ozren Tosic

November 9, 2014 at 08:45

How about robo-banker or robo-securities trader? I know that presence of humans makes board members of financial institutions nervous but we should certainly learn about the way they really think about our money if we send in a robo-board member.

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