April 15, 2015 | David

I'm generally healthy, but lately a few illnesses have struck me down. Could data from my phone or other personal data pick up warning signs to keep me well?

IBM and Apple have massive amounts of data about all of us, from GPS movements to fitness app information. They want to analyse and use the data to predict illness or encourage healthy habits.

It sounds good, but I'm concerned. What say do I have in how my data is used? Can I control who they share it with?


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Should tech companies share user health data?

Health Data

Health data is useful for employers or insurers, but concerns have been raised about consent.


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June 20, 2015 at 19:52

If I've spent £100 million on discovering something that might be produced commercially to cover cost of R&D and make a profit (why else?) then I do not wish other companies to have automatic rights to my information. Que?

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