June 11, 2014 | Pippa

I hate mosquitoes. Unfortunately they love me.

Scientists are on the case. They've genetically modified mosquitoes to produce 95%-male offspring. We're a few years away from scientists releasing GM mosquitoes into the wild, but if they do it would cause a crash in the mosquito population.

This could help in the fight to stop malaria killing hundreds of thousands of people each year. And on a much less important note, stop me being bitten half to death every summer.


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a mosquito

The GM process damages the ‘female’ sperm in male mosquitoes.


Image: Flickr/dr_relling

2 comments on 'GM mosquitoes could fight malaria'

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March 29, 2015 at 09:16

You're right, Jessica, why don't we engineer a type of mosquito that biologically carries a deterrent for the malaria bacteria?! It's not as if its the mosquito's fault in causing the disease, but the malaria. I mostly agree with you that by creating GM organisms we may be changing vital things (ie the food chain, rate of extinctions) but I think only when there is no other option then use it. (ie producing drought-resistant food for poorer countries)


June 15, 2014 at 13:09

I do not support GM anything, especialy mosquitoes. As much as I dislike mosquitoes, all they are doing is trying to survive, and our blood happens to be the food that they eat. Although it would be helpfull to us humans if there were less female mosquitoes, what right do we have to change the course of nature? By changing the way a species reproduces, we may be endangering it. If Genetically Modifiying mosquitoes is absolutely vital for our survial, can we not just change the insects so they do not carry malaria, or at least carry a malaria deterent?

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