September 3, 2014 | David

Space exploration inspires me, but it's very risky. The most recent victims of a space malfunction are five gecko lizards on board a Russian science satellite.

Scientists were studying how the sex lives of the geckos were affected while they lived in space. Unfortunately, when the satellite returned to Earth, the geckos were dead. I think that studying biology in space is really important, because we'll be a space-faring civilisation one day. But are we being careful enough with the lives of people and animals?


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Jellyfish, fish and rats have been born in orbit, but we still don't know much about reproduction in space.


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young scientist

September 7, 2014 at 21:23

It is good that we are studying animals because we might be living as a community in space soon . But it is important to insure people that the animals are safe . Also that they are being caused to pain and they are not distressed in an way . please put in your comments what you thought about mine : ) .

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