September 1, 2014 | Pippa

As a treat I love a good burger. But overall I eat very little meat.

I'm clearly not typical in the UK. Scientists warn that our current level of meat eating is unsustainable. Farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to feed the world's growing meat-consuming population, as the efficiency of converting plant food to meat is so low. Farming livestock also produce greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change.

Experts urge us to limit our weekly meat eating to two portions of red meat and seven of chicken. That's far more meat than I eat... should they set bolder targets?


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Growing crops produces much more food per hectare than raising animals for meat.


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2 comments on 'Eat less meat?'

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Shahhed Boksh

June 27, 2015 at 17:20

Production of High Volumes of meat will essentially make the world of plant and animal life less bio diverse. Large amounts of deforestation is being spear headed by the appetite for meat. Meat is addictive and in low quantities can be beneficial but at the current trend it is unsustainable and real hard decisions will have to be made by developed and developing nations to produce alternatives that are Fungi and Soya based.

Judy Rimmer

October 29, 2014 at 06:59

It would be helpful if food producers could come up with a really tasty meatless burger. Most "vegetarian" burger from the supermarkets are horrible to eat.

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