February 21, 2014 | David

I'm a cat person. But I admit that dogs are streets ahead of cats when it comes to detecting their owner's moods.

Researchers scanned the brains of 11 remarkably well-trained pet dogs (and some people too) while they listened to lots of noises. Functionally similar areas of dog and human brains lit up at emotional human sounds such as laughing or crying. It's the first time such emotional recognition has been shown using brain scans outside of primates. It's cool, but does it tell us anything a dog owner doesn't already know?


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Does your dog understand you?


The dogs were trained to lie still in an MRI scanner for up to eight minutes.


Image: Eniko Kubinyi

2 comments on 'Dogs understand human noises'

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July 3, 2014 at 14:29

I have 2 dogs and this is very helpful now I can tell if maybe the dog isn't well or feels sad for my children when they are hurt. I really like this discovery because it proves that some other mammals or animals are capable of doing such amazing things.


March 25, 2014 at 11:21

i think thats a ver good and interesting matter to hear ...exactly the dogs know the owners voice and owners commands...and all dogs are know the perticuller languages...and dogs tells the ownners what it want...i also have a pet...... its name is browny............i like it very much

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