May 22, 2014 | Anna D

Dinosaurs have changed since I was a kid. Scientists keep discovering new things about what they looked like and how they lived. It's hard to keep up!

Researchers are combining hi-tech X-ray beams with a pinhole camera technique invented by Leonardo da Vinci to get an amazing new look at fossils. Bones, feathers and blood vessels not visible with the naked eye can be seen in the scans for the first time. How much will this change what we know about extinct creatures?


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The hi-tech scanner could help scientists discover whether extinct animals such as archaeopteryx could fly.


Image: Flickr/byhoogle

1 comments on 'X-raying dinosaurs'

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Margaret Hopker

June 18, 2014 at 12:35

Its extraordinary that not only the feathers are telling us whether these dinosaurs could fly or maybe just glide. We may be able to find out how well parts of their brains worked, and which functions were most developed! Who would have thought that a skeleton could reveal stuff about soft material such as a brain!

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