October 14, 2014 | David

Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time, and I'm excited by new solutions to our greenhouse gas problem.

Geologists have shown that carbon dioxide trapped in water-containing rocks deep underground can stay buried for more than a million years. It's a boost for energy projects that try to pump carbon dioxide from fossil fuel power plants into these rock formations. But I'm sceptical about this approach. Isn't it better to leave fossil fuels in the ground in the first place?


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Is carbon capture a good idea?

Volcano Cloud

The scientists looked closely at gas trapped when an underground volcanic explosion occurred 1.2 million years ago.


Image: Flickr/Carol Patterson

1 comments on 'Trap greenhouse gas for a million years'

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Light Burn

November 6, 2014 at 10:50

yes leave the fossil fuels in the ground and go nuclear its not dangerous the new reactors physically cant melt down and don't create CO2 people are misinformed that nuclear is dangerous its rely not if you want proof there is a documentary called Pandora's promise which everyone that thinks nuclear is dangerous should watch

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